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Green Spaces

There are several green spaces in Chelford where residents can enjoy the outside environment.

Mere Court Park

Mere Court Park offers a football pitch, a newly refurbished play area, pathways for walking and benches overlooking the pond.  The park provides a relaxing green space nestled in the principal residential area within the Parish.

Chelford Activity Park

If basketball, netball or tennis is your sport of choice then the MUGA at Chelford Activity Park may be a good place to practice locally.  In addition, there is a table tennis table, a bike track and a play area to add choice to the activities available.  The field area also offers an area for football, walking, running or just using your imagination to keep active.

Dixon Drive

Trees along Dixon Drive hide more green space available to residents.  These green spaces are open for walking,  imaginative play or other activities which just require open space.  

Public Footpaths

If walking is your hobby of choice another option is to explore the network of public footpaths which connect Chelford with surrounding Parishes.

Chelford FP1 - A footpath providing a walking route from Carter Lane across the fields to Alderley Road near to the old Primary School.  If the whole route is too much for one trip the path can be joined approximately half way along via a path starting near to the no-through bollard on Dixon Drive.

Chelford FP2 - Explore how quarrying has changed formerly agricultural land into a water based haven for birds.  This footpath starts from Alderley Road and heads towards Nether Alderley passing the lakes formed from sand quarrying.  The path joins the highway again at Stubby Lane, Nether Alderley.

Chelford FP3 - A short footpath in easy reach of many residential properties within the Parish.  Starting at Knutsford Road, the path passes through Mere Court Park leading to Woodland End.  

Chelford FP4 - Perhaps Snelson is your destination of choice.  Enter the footpath from Knutsford Road (nearly opposite to junction with Oak Road) and walk across the fields to Common Farm Lane.  Here you can choose whether to head back to Chelford via Pepper Street or whether to explore more of Snelson and head for Peover Lane.

Chelford FP5 - How about the scenic route from Chelford Activity Park to Chelford roundabout?  Chelford FP5 joins Knutsford Road (from opposite the entrance to Chelford Parish Hall) to Peover Lane.

Chelford FP6 - Another chance to visit Nether Alderley...or perhaps Lower Withington or Siddington.  This time starting from St. John's Church, Holmes Chapel Road.  A junction in the footpath near to the parish boundary offers the opportunity to head north for Chelford Road, Nether Alderley or south towards Lower Withington (FP13) and Siddington (FP7).  Both the Lower Withington and Siddington bound footpaths join Mill Lane before offering further opportunities further afield.

Further opportunities can be accessed from Carter Lane (entering from Drumblefield):

Carter Lane provides a route through to Alderley Road (near to the Corbishley Bridge).

Chelford BR10 is a bridleway link towards Marthall and on towards Little Warford and Great Warford.

Footpaths off Carter Lane (Marthall FP20 and Marthall FP21 also provide walking routes to Alderley Road, Nether Alderley (opposite junction with Nursery Lane) and Sandlebridge Lane, Marthall.